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Castle Rock was one of the first companies in the Yukon to become COR certified.

Northerm produces the only quad pane window manufactured in North America.

Northerm has one of the largest manufacturing plants in the Yukon at 35,000 square feet.


  • Dakwakada Launches New Name and Branding

    The Dakwakada Development Corporation has become Dakwakada Capital Investments Incorporated and introduces...

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  • Dakwakada Purchases 49% of Icefield Tools

    Brian MacDonald, chair of the Dakwakada Development Corporation (DDC) is pleased to announce the purchase of 49% of Icefield Tools (IFT), a privately held Yukon company.

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  • DCI now a majority shareholder in RAB Energy Group

    The Board of Dakwakada Capital Investments (DCI), and its shareholder, the Champagne and Aishihik Trust, is pleased to announce that DCI is now a majority shareholder in RAB Energy.

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