Investments: Icefield Tools

Icefield Tools is a nimble team of specialists and global leaders in the field of precision borehole survey technology. They believe in fast and straightforward surveys that produce invaluable data without the equipment getting in the way. Icefield Tools’ state-of-the-art technology comes in a simple package, so that customers can focus on getting the job done.

Icefield Tools takes their time with product innovation, research and development resulting in tools that last. They have developed innovative products as the MI-5 Multishot a magnetic inclinometer and the Gyro Shot® a non-magnetic gyro.

In 2014 Dakwakada Capital Investments acquired 49% ownership in Icefield Tools.

Icefield Tools is pushing the boundaries of science to create tools that are far more versatile and accurate.

#300 - 116 Galena Road | Whitehorse, YT | Y1A 2W6
T (867) 633-4264 F (867) 668-7474

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