Investments: RAB Energy Group Inc.

RAB Energy Group Inc. is a Yukon First Nations owned, for profit corporation whose trademark’s Northerm and Capitol Glass are in the business of providing the highest quality products to consumers throughout the north.

Northerm is the Yukon’s preeminent manufacturer & sales of vinyl windows, entry doors, auto glass, overhead doors, skylights, custom glass and aluminium siding. Northerm, a Yukon based business, provides the highest quality windows, doors, glass and related building products to consumers throughout northern Canada with emphasis on superior service, the well-being of employees, customers, owners, and the environment.

Dakwakada Capital Investments owns 52% of RAB Energy Group Inc which has operations in Yukon (Northerm) and Alaska (Capitol Glass).

Dakwakada Capital Investments has been invested in RAB Energy Group Inc. since 1997 and has continued to grow its position over time.

Northerm manufactures superior windows, doors and other glass products for consumers across the North. They are a home-grown manufacturing company that currently employs 35 full time staff.

#1-17 Burns Road | Whitehorse, YT | Y1A 4Z3
T (867) 668-5088 F (867) 668-7474

Did you

Castle Rock was one of the first companies in the Yukon to become COR certified.

Northerm produces the only quad pane window manufactured in North America.

Northerm has one of the largest manufacturing plants in the Yukon at 35,000 square feet.