Partner with Dakwakada Capital Investments

Dakwakada Capital Investments is a privately-held equity investment firm located in Whitehorse, Yukon. Our partnership focus is on making private equity investments in operating companies with strong management team.

DCI has made numerous investments in the Yukon, primarily in growing sectors such as construction and manufacturing sector include Castle Rock Enterprises, RAB Energy Group/Northerm and commercial real estate.

DCI seeks to invest in companies with:

  • Favourable market conditions
  • Strong management
  • Healthy financial position / cash flow
  • Competitive position / advantage
  • Barriers of entry for competitors

Do you feel your business would be a good fit in a partnership with DCI? If so, we’d be happy to talk with you.

Did you

Castle Rock was one of the first companies in the Yukon to become COR certified.

Northerm produces the only quad pane window manufactured in North America.

Northerm has one of the largest manufacturing plants in the Yukon at 35,000 square feet.